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About 121drumschool

About 121 Drumschool Lessons are taught by professional drummer Liam McGorry. Liam started playing drums at the age of 13. After having lessons at school he was invited to play in the orchestra and quickly became known as a very competent player. After leaving school he studied popular music performance at Perth College and had drum lessons with drummer and percussionist Ronnie Goodman.

After leaving Perth College Liam honed his skills playing in countless bands and studio situations. Liam has played sessions with Barry Burns (mogwai), Paul Quinn (teenage fanclub) and Stephen Stafford (gunn).

After gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience working with promoters, managers and record company officials, Liam decided to further his own education and studied for 3 years at the Drumtech in London.

For the past few years, Liam has been teaching extensively and has helped many drummers achieve their goals through his unique and patient style of teaching.

Liam McGorry is delighted to announce that he has become an education partner to Tech music school in London. As an education partner, Liam will help prepare students to further their education and networking at Tech music school.

Liam is an awesome teacher, I had been playing drums for 4 years and got a bit stuck with what to learn next. Liam introduced me to different styles of drumming I never even knew about like Afro Cuban and Samba. I would recommend Liam to anyone who plays drums.
Gary Smith

I always wanted to learn drums and decided to have lessons with Liam. After the first lesson I could play a rock beat. He is a great teacher and explains it all really well. I am now learning grades and have completed my Debut Rockschool.
Caroline Maitland